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Aboard S/V No Boundaries


This site is the place to see what is happening, what has happened, and maybe, what we wish might happen from time to time. We only get internet now and then, so things won't change daily.


See our "About" page to get acquainted.


Our "Photos" page is the place to see some of the sights we enjoy as we travel.


On the "Galley" page I share some of the things I am learning about provisioning, and a few recipes, too.


If you click "Logs", you will be able to read about the places we go and the things we see, along with random thoughts on a few subjects nautical and otherwise. You can subscribe to this blog if you would like to receive updated postings via e-mail. If you subscribe, you can read the postings offline.


Be sure to Contact Us with your thoughts and questions. We love to hear from you. It helps keep us close to home as we travel.